My Illustrated Journey…

25 Feb

Well, I’m home. For the past few days I have been working on shortened, censored and edited drawings of my trip. So here it is, the last 5 months of my life:









And now I’m home, laying around on the couch with a lame foot.


Cartagena Day…

21 Feb


After the turn of events that have left me with one good foot and almost no belongings, I have decided to go home. I’ve been traveling for over five months now and I think it’s time. I can’t do anything with my bad foot and its depressing being down here watching everyone do fun things that I can’t do. I’m headed home tomorrow! For my last day in Colombia I decided to do the only thing crippled people can do in Cartagena, go on a bus tour! I got to see a lot of the city and hear about it’s history from an obnoxious double decker bus. This place is amazing and its breaking my heart that I’m leaving. I’ll be sure to come back.

The good news is that I am going to be reunited with my sewing machine SO soon. I’ll be around all my crafty friends and all my crafty stuff! I can’t wait!

A Series of Extremely Unfortunate Events…

20 Feb

Worst. Days. Ever. I have been traveling for just over five months now. I’ve had the most amazing luck and even better experiences. Bad luck is pretty inevitable if you travel for long enough, it just sucks when you’re in the middle of it. I feel like I should list this in an easy to follow numerical list:

1. As mentioned before, I recently fractured my foot and tore some ligaments. This happened right before I traveled from Santiago, Chile to Cartagena, Colombia.
2. I flew from Santiago to Buenos Aires and had an 11 hour (!) overnight layover.
3. In the morning I flew from BA to Bogota where I discovered that the airline had lost my luggage. They were apologetic and sent me on my way with $100. Saying the soonest they could get it to me would be Wednesday (4 days later).
4. I went to check in to my connecting flight to Cartagena and was told that my flight had been cancelled and that I needed to go make a new reservation. I broke down and started crying hysterically at the counter. The people there were sympathetic and managed to get me on the next flight. Probably because I was so pathetic looking: crippled, bag-less, alone.
5. That flight was a couple hours late, but I finally got to Cartagena!

I managed to do a few drawings over the past couple days… Nothing too special.

20120220-154253.jpg thats me in the terminal.

20120220-154342.jpg here is a really lame cityscape I did yesterday just so I could say I did something.

20120220-154515.jpg Today I drew botanical drawings of flowers. I know it’s not very creative, but it calms me down. The poppy is my favorite.


A Couple of Days in Doodles…

18 Feb


I’ve had an interesting couple of days. On Thursday I went to some museums, the and markets followed by a lovely nap. I went out on Thursday night and took a nasty spill resulting in me spending all of Friday in bed. I went to the hospital today and discovered I have a fractured foot and some torn ligaments! I am currently on my way to Cartagena, Colombia wearing a super fashionable boot.

Anyway, here is a drawing I did of some old guys playing chess on Thursday:


To be honest I didn’t do anything creative yesterday. I was in a lot of pain and was too busy feeling bad for myself. To make up for this I am going to double down today. I have an 11 hour layover (!) in Buenos Aires so I’ll have plenty of time for drawing.


A Walk Through Santiago…

15 Feb


Today I did a walking tour through Santiago. This city is full of amazing museums and history! I sat in the Plaza de Armas and did this drawing. Unfortunately I only had a Bic pen so it’s not my best but I kinda like it. My favorite part is the little woman in the background with her arms in the air. She walked timidly to that spot looked around and started preaching quietly at first but evolving slowly into a full yell complete with arm throwing pointing and spinning. Then, as quietly as she came, she just stopped, sighed and walked away.


Te Amo, Sur America…

14 Feb


I arrived to Santiago, Chile today. I’m staying in the touristy (but oh so charming) neighborhood of Bellavista. Lots of artisan shops, bars, cafes, etc. I made this drawing while lounging on my hostel’s amazing rooftop terrace! I am so in love with this ice cream shaped continent and I’ve been wanting to draw it for a while. Hope you like it!

The Last 3 Days…

14 Feb


I have been relaxing in a tiny surf town in Chile called Ritoque. I didn’t have internet access but I did have a lot of time to make things! Here is what I’ve been up to:

Day 7:
On the bus to Ritoque I saw an amazing old man carrying a boquet of flowers and did a drawing of him. I haven’t done much graphite drawing lately and it felt good to get back into it.


Day 8:
I did started a new journal after filling my old one. I wanted to jazz it up so I added this cover embroidery/weaving!


20120214-163107.jpg …and the back…

20120214-163202.jpg I love these soft cover Molskeines! They come in packs of 3 and lots of colors. They are the perfect size to make you feel accomplished when you fill them without presenting too lofty of a goal.

Day 9:
I made a seashell necklace which will not be pictured because it is lame. I poked a hole in the shell with a pin and strung it on a piece of thin yarn. I know it’s not that creative or interesting but I was really busy that day playing my ukulele on the beach and napping. I did find that if you want to poke a hole in a seashell with a dull pin it’s best to do it in the thin clearish part close to the center of most shells.

If you find yourself in central Chile and want to go somewhere quiet, go to Ritoque and stay at the Ritoque Raices hostel. Everything was amazing and peaceful and beautiful. Not to mention there are hammocks and adorable dogs galore!